Previous Tournaments

U-12 Junior Soccer World Challenge 2015

Our 3rd tournament invited FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol from Spain, Deportivo Camioneros from Argentine, and Vietnam U-12 from Asia. The tournament was held from 27th to 30th of August. One of the semi-finals match was played between FC Barcelona and Tokyo U-12, and FC Barcelona, who was the champions for 2 consecutive years, was defeated by Tokyo. The final was played between Tokyo and RCD Espanyol, after 90 min., the match has ended draw. And they ended up with the penalty shoot-out, finally, RCD Espanyol won the trophy.



U-12 Junior Soccer World Challenge 2014

The second year of the tournament had more participants, in total, 16 teams took part. Not only Football club Barcelona and AC Milan, the 2 big European clubs took place, but also Asiop Apacinti from Indonesia came to the tournament. From Japan, some youth category teams from J-League’s club, and a small regional club came to play this tournament. The tournament was held from 28th to 31st August, and the winner was FC Barcelona.




Our first year of the tournament. 12 teams took place for 4 days, from 27th to 31st August. The final match was Barcelona against Liverpool, and Barcelona was the first year’s champion.